Ray Rice: A football Player

Ray Rice has been raised in 1987 in the USA. He is said to play professionally in the position of running back but he has performed professionally between 2008 to 2014. He has been the marvellous football player in the field and has been set to perform in most of the matches that he has played.

He is a football player since his childhood and said to play hard trough his high school. Although if we talk about his childhood he was raised in the USA and by his mother, he lost his father when he was just 1 year old. He has been trapped in some of the controversies for his rude behaviour towards his girlfriend and has been stopped playing in the team since then.
He played on the same team throughout his tenure of football matches. His net worth calculated today is at 14$ million http://celebritynetworths.org/ray-rice-net-worth/ and have been started to reach to this value due to the bonuses that he has received in his matches through playing. Since his childhood, he has been playing extremely well and that is why he has been selected one of the players in the match. He was although playing as a freelancer today but seems to be in the form now too. He plays for the other matches that are beside the team for money but this has been a passion for him since his childhood to explore.

If he has ever got a chance to play in the team he will surely want to go forward as he misses his ground very much and being with his teammates as well. He is truly the example of passion with hard work as he made his destiny, he does offer the same to others to made today and inspire them in his interviews and lectures.

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