Prepping For The Whole Family

One facet of prepping that gets plenty of reference, although not quite many in-depth articles or places, is prepping for the whole family. We see lots of preppers that prep for their children and themselves but not many are prepping for extended family, pets, aunts, uncles, grandparents or aged parents. This oversight may lead to disaster in the occurrence of SHTF occasion or a significant disaster.

In response to this I’ve made a decision to post a brief article with a couple of simple to follow points with regard to family prepping.
Homework for Everyone
It is comparatively common, and very simple, for individuals when prepping to discount their extended family members. I myself have approached several members of my extended family with prepping tips just to ask them to laugh or scoff openly about my “Chicken Little” inclinations. Still others hold out against it, although I’m happy to report that a few of the family members are at present fully fledged preppers and play critical parts within my prepping strategies.
I said the same thing that many of you said, “Well, when they’re not willing to prep, I cannot prep for them and they’re just shit outta luck when the SHTF”. Sadly that’s not a practical or valid response in the long term. I am aware that I’d possess a quite difficult time turning away a member of the family in need, particularly when it might mean their death. Yes, right now I write them away and can quickly cut them loose, but in a genuine occasion I do not believe it’d be possible.
Make an attempt to plan for them even in case they do not need me to do this and I made the decision to redouble my efforts. I’ve additional homework whenever they never show up. I will be not overburdened whenever they do show up. As a homestead preppers, of course this is simpler done that if I were a bunker prepper.

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