Paul Newman: A most distinguished and remembered actor of Hollywood

According to , Paul Newman was a really fine actor and person. He was simply a heartthrob philanthropist who even started a food company that donated all profits made to the charity. He has been a part of memorable films, rather it can also be said that all movies he starred in, became quite memorable. He was born in the year 1925 in Ohio. He actually turned his attention to acting after getting rejected from the college football team. He made his debut on Broadway in 1953 and subsequently became an actor of great acclaim. He died in the year 2008 of cancer.

After graduation he joined the U.S. Navy, although he wanted to be a pilot but was rejected as he was colorblind. He was a part of the navy in the World War 2 and served in the Pacific Ocean as a radio operator. He majored in theatre in college.
After college Newman dabbled in the theatre for some time and family commitments sent him to Ohio. He later went to the Yale school of drama but eventually dropped out. He went to try out his luck in New York which eventually brought him all the success as you will see mentioned in
The television was really coming up during the early years of Newman’s acting career. He soon got a break in it and never had to look back. He became part of Tony winning series and became known to almost every household around.

The pairing of Newman and Joanne Woodward is really amazing in nature. They were a couple off screens too. He received lots of monetary gains by the parts that he portrayed on screen. He was also the man behind the camera sometimes. will tell you that he was a complete person and actor.

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