Add subscription button on your video and get YouTube subscribers

Today YouTube has become one of the most popular and top videos uploading and sharing social site. Today as comparatively to older days more than one billion do subscribers are there to subscribe the video on YouTube. The popularity and number of people in this social media is continuously growing. Daily the large number of people are creating the login account and uploading and sharing the videos. Recently the research has been done and it has concluded that about 4 billions of videos are watched every day. Also the people are watching the videos of about 6 billion hours of the videos every month. The amazing videos have increased subscribers for youtube.

If you are still not active on YouTube, just create the own login account and start uploading and sharing the videos with subscribing others videos too. Now you have own channel, you can add the YouTube subscription button so that the people can watch and subscribe the videos.

Here are some of the steps to add the subscription button on the own channel-
• You have to use the JavaScript to the application.
• You can customize the button by using div element.
• You can use Google+ JavaScript for creating the button.
• You will find the different layout and the configuration options for the creation of subscription button.
• While doing configuration you have to click on drop down menu option for choosing the design of button and theme for the channel subscription button.

These are some of the steps that can be followed to create the own subscription button on your channel. Until and unless you have this particular option, the channel will not get YouTube subscribers. But remember one thing that if you really wanted to get the more of the subscribers for YouTube you have to upload and share the videos actively.

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